Geeking Out Because Staceyann Chin Tweeted To Me :P


I just have to geek out on this for a second because I’m such a big fan. I follow Staceyann Chin; a radical feminist poet, on twitter and admire so much of her work. I will admit I have felt a little guilty about this because so many radical feminists have been so vile to me concerning sex workers’ rights. I had always been curious about her position on sex workers’ rights so when I saw her send out this tweet:

…I decided to to take the leap and ask her.

This was her response:

Yes, I know it’s not everything. There are some sex workers who are not in a position to make the choice and they still deserve rights just like people who work in an auto plant and hate it still deserve labor rights. But HEY! It’s not a radical feminist whom I greatly admire accusing me of being a traitor to women and going all slut-shamey on me and that is an epic win in my book. My response back:

Not only did she retweet this but added a bit to it as well:

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to hear her openly proclaim support for sex workers’ rights. I know I’m supper start struck geeked out over this. I WILL NOT BE GEEK SHAMED! lmao

“Loose woman; some people cannot handle a woman on the loose.”

~Staceyann Chin

“I think one of the most radical things a girl can do is to own her body and we learn so young not to own these bodies of ours.”

~Staceyann Chin