St. Steinem Takes On India

It’s funny to me how some people can seem to support sex worker rights as long as certain feminists and their contributions to the oppression of sex workers are not criticized. You can clearly see this in my comment exchanges with BrianX & Daniel Schealler under my youtube name Divinity33372. These two men seem very open to a more balanced view of sex work then displayed by Taslima Nasreen until someone had the irreverence to criticize St. Gloria Steinem.

Well, I’ll have them and any other so called “supporter of feminism” know that as a free thinking feminist I find NO ONE beyond criticism and Ms. Steinem has a lot to answer for concerning sex worker rights nowadays.

She recently went to India with the son of billionaire Warren Buffett to tell India how to solve it’s problems…OH GOODIE! But wait, isn’t Warren Buffett one of the “good guys?” Isn’t he Mr. Please Raise Taxes On Me & The Rich? You’ll forgive me if that’s not enough to convince me of his sincerity. He’s also Mr. Send The Defective Fema Trailers Made By A Company I Own To Earthquake Devastated Haitian Children.

So how do St. Steinem plan on fixing India’s sex trade problems? Well, for one she proposes to make it a tourist destination. They are going to cater to uber privileged Westerners by taking them on tours of the areas in India where most of the sex business does business like British on Safari in Africa. But don’t feed the animals because whether they say so or not ALL these sex worker’s experiences are all the same and they’re ALL bad. In fact, let’s just call them all “trafficked.” Why not? It’s the latest thing donchyaknow.

Second, they’re going to work to take reproductive services away from sex workers.

“There’s something lopsided about the AIDS lobby around the world that tries to protect male buyers from disease rather than protecting the women from them. We need to bring attention to this, that this kind of funding has to stop and investing in funds that give these women more choices other than prostitution has to start,” explained Ruchira.

Ok, all sarcasm aside, I can’t begin to tell you how infuriated I am by this rich, white, western woman who fought for western women’s reproductive rights in the 60’s going to India NOW and supporting people and organizations that would take those very same services away from the most oppressed among women…SEX WORKERS! How sanctimoniously “do as I say and not as I do” can a privileged woman be ffs?!? Gloria Steinem is a HYPOCRITE and just another cog in the wheel of oppression that runs over the marginalized every fucking day! She is also proof that just cause a feminist says it that don’t make it good for women. I mean what will she and Mr. Buffett do next~chain these “rescued” women to sewing machines inside a donated toxic formaldehyde trailer and call it helping?

Speaking of sewing machines; how much you wanna bet herding women into low paying “jobs” with sweat shop like conditions will be the final phase in this super original plan? This is a great idea considering U.S. companies NEVER go to third world (or close to it) countries to exploit the labor there because they can’t get away with that shit in the U.S.

Here’s my suggestion to St. Steinem: use the privilege you’ve got oozing out of every pour on your body and get a bill introduced in Congress that would require U.S. corporations that open factories over seas to pay those employees no less then the U.S. minimum wage. Go ahead! I’ll hold my breath.


6 responses to “St. Steinem Takes On India

  1. Hold up…Buffett owns those FEMA trailers?? Those same formaldehyde traps they foisted on the victims of Hurricane Katrina??

    Maybe that’s why he’s so keen on raising his own taxes (slightly, while also trashing and looting Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and “welfare” in the name of “deficit reduction”)…more money to purchase his “Katrinavilles”??

    And Steinem long since has become irrelevant to any real feminism…maybe that explains how she got on the CIA’s payroll. (Allegedly.)

    I wouldn’t even waste my muscles holding my breath for faux liberals like Warren Buffett or pseudofeminists like Gloria Steinum.


  2. Gloria Steinem is trying to stay relevant. It’s funny how she takes a very pro-capitalist stance on how to inject money and raise the standard of living in India. I bet she would have Disney buy up the land, open an amusement park and a mall or two.

    When you run out of air and turn blue I want photos. Or it never happened. XD

  3. It seems trivially obvious that health screenings for sex workers benefit them, not just the customers. For one, most STDs are treatable and they can get prompt attention with regular screenings. It also reduces risks of customers catching it from one sex worker, than giving it to another. It doesn’t sound like somethign to be outraged about if you phrase it that way, though.

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